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Raul Chavez – Master Plumber, Owner, & Certified Badass

As the leader of RC Plumbing, it is my responsibility to maintain the quality of our customer service and workmanship while also setting the tone and culture for the plumbing Stockton technicians that are on our team. As a naturally driven individual, I love any opportunity to challenge myself and grow individually. When I started looking for a career I never imagined I would end up in the plumbing Stockton industry but very quickly realized that plumbing was the challenge I craved and serving the community was the mission that fueled my passion. Outside of running RC Plumbing I spend my time hanging out with my dog, mountain biking, hiking, or fellowshipping with friends! It is my motto to never be satisfied with any aspect of my life or with the plumbing Stockton services in which RC provides. We always strive to deliver higher quality service and care with every single customer we encounter. I may not be in the field as much anymore as the business grows and expands but my love for plumbing Stockton remains the same and I am so honored to be able to serve the beautiful people that make up this community.

Stockton Plumbing | Raul, Owner

Why I Started RC Plumbing

Unfortunately, contractors have the reputation of taking advantage of their customers and overcharging significantly. They will cut corners, up-charge, and customer service is almost non-existent for most of the plumbing Stockton companies. After years of standing by and watching this happen I thought it was time for someone to create a plumbing company that offers high quality care at a price anyone can afford while always making sure that customer service was at the heart. I then realized that the person to create this company was me! So I embarked on being an entrepreneur and the journey of starting a business from scratch. Although this is no easy task, it has been incredibly rewarding and being able to be my own boss is a dream. Getting to employ hard working and dedicated people while serving the community is such a blessing. Seeing the positive reviews from people who have had such negative experiences from contractors in the past and had absolutely loved their experience with RC Plumbing has given me an incredible amount of joy! Being able to give affordable plumbing solutions to our customers where they never have to live with plumbing issues because of finances is why I started RC Plumbing and why we continue to press forward every single day.

Vision for RC Plumbing

As the company grows we are able to serve a wider territory and reach our customers at a rapid pace. Our goal is to be the plumbing Stockton that you can rely on year around no matter what time of day and be able to trust that the job is going to be done right the very first time. There are so many different plumbing companies to choose from in the Stockton area as the territory is vast with such a dense population. That is why we have set our sights on adding more members to our team so that our customers never have to compromise on their plumbing Stockton experience because of our schedule being booked up. We also desire our customers to be able to refer us to friends and family members with confidence that we are going to be able to take on new customers rapidly. Being able to trust that we will answer the phone when you call, get you scheduled ASAP, perform a high quality professional service, and ensure your satisfaction on every single call is our absolute goal. We will not settle for less no matter how large we expand. Adding services like rerouting to our company so that no matter how large or small the project you can count on RC plumbing Stockton to be able to get it done for you!

Why You Should Become One of Our Plumbing Fixing Wizards

In this day and age that is very unpredictable and reliable careers are scarce we understand why you are looking to embark on a plumbing Stockton career! Being a plumber not only gives you consistent work but allows you to build relationships with your customers while providing them the care they need. At RC Plumbing we know that the team we have greatly determines the reputation of the company and the quality of our work. That is why at RC we hire for character over skill as we believe we can teach someone the skills but character is something they have to bring to the table. When you are joining our plumbing Stockton team it is very important that you are coachable as we are constantly improving our skills and techniques along with being a positive communicator. We are not like most contractors or plumbing Stockton companies where customer service can be completely neglected, we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard and keep customer service as our main priority.

If you have any questions about RC Plumbing, are interested in working with us, or are in need of plumbing services then please contact us today! We would love to hear from you and be able to best serve you in whatever way we can. At RC Plumbing you can feel confident that you have found a plumber you can trust and that you will never have to go looking through all the plumbing Stockton companies ever again! Give us a call or click on the contact us page to fill out the form, we will be in contact with you as soon as possible and look forward to speaking with you!