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Faye Spanos Concert Hall serves as a home for the Conservatory’s choir, band, orchestra, and opera concerts. It is a monumental building to the University of the Pacific and features a 872 seat concert hall. It also functions as a faculty studio, practice rooms and the Conservatory of Music administration office, which is on the third floor. Faye Spanos Concert Hall opened its doors in 1927 and has been putting on brilliant performances ever since. Faye Spanos Concert Hall is the main building in the conservatory, the others being the Recital Hall, Rehearsal Hall, Buck Hall, and Owen Hall. The renovation of 1988 can be seen in one of the Indiana Jones movies.

The Pacific Choral Ensembles is a renowned Capella choir which was established in 1916. This program has a lot of history and talent. They are nothing less than top quality musicians with a strong institution to back them. They perform two choral concerts each semester and also collaborate with the University Symphony Orchestra and the Stockton Symphony. These shows are famous for their angelic perfection and cathartic performances.

Faye Spanos Concert Hall is such a beautiful building. The facility is optimal for like performacnes such as that of the University Symphony Orchestra. The reputation of the orchestra precedes them. Their performance is at a standard comparable to the professionals. They are very well known for their performance of literature from Baroque through the 21 Century. Included in their repertoire is Liszt’s Les Preludes or a Vivaldi concerto, Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 and Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, Takemitsu’s astonishing viola concerto and Ligeti’s magical Lontano and many other spectacular pieces.

The Venue is absolutely fantastic. After experiencing a live performance at Faye Spanos Concert Hall you will want to experience another. The balcony seats were incredible and it has great sound throughout.

Absolutely beautiful campus and the concert hall is stunning. If you get a chance to see any shows there I highly recommend checking it out.