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Services That We Provide


Residential Plumbing

We are a full service plumbing Stockton company here at RC Plumbing, however, residential plumbing is definitely our main focus. This is where the most calls come and where the majority of the work is needed as plumbing issues in a home are very hard to avoid, nearly impossible. We love all aspects of working in the plumbing Stockton industry but being able to serve the families of this community is probably our favorite. Building the relationships so that they can feel confident that their major plumbing systems in the place are running properly and can be repaired at a price they can afford. We understand that when a plumbing issue arises that it is vital the issue is addressed quickly so that your household can go back to normal as quickly as possible. We also understand that most plumbing issues are an investment and that finances are often tight. That is why we strive to be the plumbing Stockton company that gives affordable options that fit any budget while never compromising on the quality of the repair.

Commercial Plumbing

As a local business, we adore the opportunity to help other businesses and business owners by providing excellent commercial plumbing solutions. We believe that to call ourselves the best plumbing Stockton company we must be able to provide the area with solutions to all of their plumbing needs, whether it is commercial or residential. As a business owner, I understand that when a plumbing issue occurs in your place of business it can be detrimental to your revenues, either causing you to shut down temporarily or creating an uncomfortable environment for your customers. That is why we take our plumbing Stockton calls very seriously as we know that this is a hassle for you and weighing heavy on your mind. As your plumber of choice we will take off as much of the stress as possible by getting to your plumbing issue as quickly as we can, addressing it immediately, and giving you the best most affordable options without compromising on quality. While we are out we encourage you to ask us to do a plumbing inspection on your major plumbing systems to make sure that everything is in proper working condition. By doing this we can help you avoid having to call another plumbing Stockton company anytime soon because we will be able to catch small problems before they turn into big! If you are curious as to what all commercial plumbing we do at RC Plumbing we would love for you to give us a call, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have!


A lot of times when people notice a leak they immediately get extremely worried about the extensiveness of the damage and how costly repairing such an issue can cost! This can be an extremely expensive fix, especially if the leak is under concrete or a slab. A lot of plumbing Stockton companies will gauge you on prices to fix such a leak, plus it will be a very messy and time consuming venture. At RC Plumbing we are proud to be one of the few plumbing Stockton companies to offer reroutes as one of our main services whether it is a gas or water line! We do not get shy or scared around complicated leaks but are able to offer to you a much less messy and affordable solution! Through performing reroutes we are able to offer you a plumbing system that is much more convenient and efficient. This will allow any future maintenance and repairs to be done a lot quicker and smoother while also providing an ideal solution to your current leak. If you have a plumbing Stockton company come out and they are not offering a reroute as an option then please call us for a second opinion so that we can walk you through all the options and find the best solution for you!


Drain Cleaning

We offer drain cleaning including but not limited to Root problems, broken lines, and backed up sewer. Our team of plumbing Stockton professionals can diagnose quickly and get you flowing again. We always encourage you to have us come out twice a year to do routine maintenance, inspections, and drain cleaning! What this does is it prevents any large issues from happening and allows your plumbing systems to work smoothly year around. We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and we are always going to get the job done right the very first time, however, drain cleaning is different. No matter how good the drain cleaning job is done, at some point the issue will reoccur which is why having a plumbing Stockton company on your side that you can trust will allow you to prevent and address these issues with ease!


Sewer Repair

Sewer and Septic issues? We offer repairs of existing systems as well as full replacements of your septic or sewer system. A lot of plumbing Stockton companies get intimidated by sewer repairs or replacements, as these can be large and long jobs! At RC Plumbing we embrace the challenge and are confident that we will be able to provide to you the best solution possible at the best price. We take these jobs head on and will be able to tackle them with ease while also making sure that we are communicating with the customer throughout the duration of the job. If you are needing a plumbing Stockton company to give you an estimate on your sewer or septic systems then please give us a call! Whether it is routine maintenance, installing a brand new system, or replacing an old we can do it all!


Water Heater installation & Maintenance offered for Gas and Electric

Water heaters can be big investments but are vital to your family and the comfort of your home. As a plumbing Stockton company it is most important to us that your family is kept safe which is why we take water heaters very seriously. We understand that general handymen or your friend’s boyfriend may offer to work on your water heater but we plead with you not to let them! A licensed plumbing technician at an insured plumbing Stockton company should absolutely be the only person touching your water heater as they are a very sensitive piece that can cause extreme damage. We have extensive knowledge and training in both gas and electric water heaters to make sure that our customers are covered no matter which one they have!