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On September 2017, Stockton, CA opened its very first escape room, which quickly became one of their top 10 most popular attractions of Stockton, CA. For only $17/person during spring break, you and your team can take on the challenge of putting the puzzles together before running out of time.


Now, what is an escape room you may be wondering….

An Escape room is one of the most intense thrills that you can ever imagine compacted into an hour with a group of your closest friends or family. You have a limited amount of time to attempt an escape from a very difficult room, and the only way to escape is to work together to figure out clues and puzzles scattered throughout the enclosed walls. If you are over the age of 12 and believe you and your friends can crack the clues. Book your ticket today! The Excape Room is the way to go!

Here is a review from a very happy customer “First time in an escape room with my husband and sister in law with her husband. It was exciting to look for our the clues. You really have to think to understand the clues and working together is a must. We got out with 1 minute left. So much fun!”