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Water Softeners & Conditioners

At RC Plumbing, we install both traditional water softeners and water conditioners.

Your Hard Water Solution

Some areas of San Joaquin Valley including StocktonLodiMantecaModestoTracy and Patterson, have very hard water and require a water softener. At RC Plumbing, we install both traditional water softeners and water conditioners. Water softening removes the hardness minerals, calcium and magnesium, by exchanging these minerals for sodium in common salt. Hard water is passed through a cylinder containing millions of tiny beads of ion-exchange resin which attract and remove the hardness minerals from the water. Water conditioners, on the other hand, are a new concept that soften your water for less money and more ecologically that a traditional water

Water Conditioners

A water conditioner will give you water softener results without the expense of a water softener. The Ecoflow Water Conditioner is, as the name suggests, a “water conditioner,” not a “softener” or a “filter.” The scale controlling media, made from ceramic–metallic materials is actually a “Catalytic Converter” installed into the water line. Similar to the Catalytic Converter on your car that converts toxic matter into neutralized, “inert” emissions, the new Ecoflow Conditioner converts elements that make water hard (like calcium, lime, and magnesium salts) into neutralized, inert elements that go into solution and pass right through your water system.

Once you have the Ecoflow Water Conditioner installed you can almost forget about it, because it is maintenance free under usual circumstances! What’s more, it will deliver a continuous supply of water – and there are no moving parts to wear out. Further, the Ecoflow Water Conditioner requires NO salt and there are no messy cartridges to replace or worry about. This simple, natural care free process will condition your water for a lifetime…for a lifetime of savings and environmentally responsible and safe water!

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